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Helius burst onto the audio scene in the mid 1980’s revolutionising the industry with the Orion tonearm. Where other areas of analogue audio marched forward, little had changed in arm design - products were pretty basic and unimaginative.

The 1983 Orion bristled with new ideas - it offered tetrahedral bearings, damping by differential masses, enjoyed zero-point potential ( centroid ) balancing, a unique 10” geometry, adjustable azimuth, silver Litz wire, counterweighing optimised for effective mass and many other features never before seen in tonearms.

Orion was eventually superceded by the Cyalene and Omega arms. Now we introduce the forth incarnation of Helius super arm  - Phaedra. True to its heritage, and shrouded in a cocoon of engineering art, Phaedra is a classic of the future.

The unending pursuit of perfection gives rise the inevitable question ‘what constitutes the next weakest link in the design chain’. From geometry to acoustic coupling and noise transmission, the tonearm is really an extension of the turntable. As the two work in unison and can’t really be separated, it seemed obvious our next step should be to match the engineering characteristic of our arms, with a turntable.  To this end, we’ve launched two products, Alexia and Viridia ( with an entry level arm/turntable combination on its way for late 2019.) ideally matched to our arms.

Sophisticated engineering and an illustrious history are not the only advantages Helius owners enjoy. In keeping with the need to preserve audio heritage, we cater for collectors and connoisseurs, regularly reconstructing/renovating and servicing our classic products, regardless of age or condition. For this reason Helius products retain their value over decades and enjoy a following normally associated with rare marques of automobile.

Helius Designs:    The White House,     Aldington,     Evesham,     Worcs,    WR11 7XB,                   email:    Tel.+44 (0)1386-830083

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